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BCCCI elections held in a joyous atmosphere

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The new Executive Committee

Muhi Mikdad

The biennial election of the British-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (BBCCI), one of the top organisations of Bangladeshi businesspeople in the UK, was held in a joyous atmosphere.

Elections were held in a festive atmosphere at the BCCI office auditorium at noon on Thursday, 23rd June. Immigration Judge Md. Belayet Hossain and Barrister Khaled Noor acted as Election Commissioners. Of the 35 directors of the BCCCI, 32 voted in the election.

Saidur Rahman Renu was elected president. Accountant Abul Hayat Nuruzzaman was elected as the Director General (DG). Monir Ahmed, Chairman of JMG Air Cargo, has been elected unopposed as the President of London Region.

Helal Uddin Khan and Ataur Rahman Kuti, who were standing for the post of Finance Director, both received 18 votes. However, Helal Uddin Khan stood down out of respect for his rival Ataur Rahman Kuti. The Election Commission announced Ataur Rahman Kuti as the Finance Director for the next two years.

The remaining seats on the BBCCI Executive Committee were elected unopposed. K Azad; Vice President Jahangir Haque; Deputy Director General Solicitor Dewan Mahdi; Director of International Affairs Golam Kibria Wes; and Press and Publicity Director Mostafa Ahmed Lucky.

There were no candidates for the two posts of Membership Director and Director of Community Affairs. In line with the BBCCI constitution, two directors will be co-opted to fill the vacancies at the first meeting of the new committee.

In his victory speech after the announcement of the results, Saidur Rahman Renu expressed his gratitude to all the directors of the BBCI for electing him as President. He expressed his gratitude to all the founding presidents of the organisation, including the late MA Rahim, who had served as its president in the past, and said, “It is because of your hard work that the BCCI has reached this position today. We remember you with respect.

“I want to work with everyone,” he continued. “I would like to take the BCCI to greater heights with the co-operation of all. Without your support, I will not be able to take this organisation to its desired goal alone.

“I’ve always been a good listener,” he concluded. “You will find me a good listener in the days to come.”

Director General Abul Hayat Nuruzzaman expressed his deep gratitude to all for electing him. He said that with the concerted efforts of all, we will continue to work with this organisation to reach the goal members desire.

After the results were announced, outgoing BBCCI President Bashir Ahmed and Advisory Board Chair Shahgir Bakht Faruq congratulated the winning committee.

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