From 'Little Hercules' to a Quiet Life: The Journey of the World's Strongest Boy 22 Years Later


Richard Sandrak, once known as "Little Hercules", made headlines as the World's Strongest Boy at just eight years old. However, 22 years later, the bodybuilder's life is markedly different from his childhood fame. Despite his incredible strength and massive muscles, Richard has stepped back from the spotlight and the gym.

Richard's childhood was far from easy, with his abusive father, Pavel, forcing him to adhere to a strict lettuce-based diet while gorging on pizza himself. According to a video on the family's background, "he was never allowed to eat the meals that other people did since his parents put him on a tough diet." This led to a falling out between Pavel and Richard's trainer and manager, Frank Giardina.

While Richard admits to his choice to train and become the World's Strongest Boy, he was also subject to a strict diet of lean meats, vegetables, and fruit. His father's inconsistent diet, however, included frequent pizza consumption in front of his son.

Richard eventually called the police on his father, who was abusing his wife. Pavel was arrested and sentenced to prison for the beating. Richard requested that the arresting officers not use their sirens for fear of his father's reaction.

Despite his difficult upbringing and childhood fame, Richard has chosen to lead a quieter life away from the gym and the public eye. In his last interview in 2015, he described his life as a "ripped individual" as "boring".