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European Sleeper Train Launches, Connecting London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin


A new overnight train service connecting several European cities is set to launch soon. The European Sleeper service will connect Berlin and London via Brussels, with stops in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

There has been a resurgence in European train travel in recent months, with several new sleeper trains announced, such as Nightjet's Germany to Croatia service and a new route from Prague to Switzerland through Czech national rail operator ČD.

The much-anticipated European Sleeper service is set to make its first journey on May 25th, and tickets are now available for purchase. The service, also known as the "Good Night Train," was originally supposed to launch in 2022. It will connect Brussels and Berlin via Amsterdam and Rotterdam, allowing passengers to visit three stunning European cities in one overnight journey.

Additionally, the new route will be linked with Eurostar, which means UK passengers will only need to make a quick change in Brussels to reach the sleeper train service to Berlin. Starting May 25th, passengers can catch the 15:04 train from London St Pancras and enjoy a quick drink in Brussels before dozing off all the way to Berlin.

Initially, the service from Brussels will run three times a week. Seat prices from Brussels or Amsterdam to Berlin start at €49, and couchette prices start at €79 for a proper sleep. All services will include free Wi-Fi, coffee, and breakfast, something that would not be available on a budget flight.

The pan-European sleeper route is also set to extend further in 2024, taking passengers from Brussels all the way to Prague with an additional stop in the historic German city of Dresden. European Sleeper recently announced plans to establish a direct night train route between Amsterdam and Barcelona in spring 2025.

Green travel enthusiasts will be pleased to know that a single trip on any of these trains will result in 75 fewer tonnes of carbon produced than an equivalent plane journey.

Tickets for the new European Sleeper service have been available for purchase since February 20th.