Footballer Achraf Hakimi's Divorce Drama Unveils He Owns Nothing Despite Earning Millions


Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi has made headlines across the world after it was revealed during ongoing divorce proceedings that he does not own anything despite earning millions of Euros with Paris Saint Germain and the Moroccan national football team. His wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce and asked for half of all the property and money the footballer owned, only to discover that Hakimi, 24, had registered all his properties and monies in his mother’s name.

All his houses, cars, clothes, and jewelry were found to be in his mother’s name, and millions in salary were deposited in accounts bearing his mother’s name. The move of not having his wealth registered in his name has made news worldwide, with some hailing him for being ‘wise’ and a living legend in protecting his assets, while others have castigated him and his mother.

The couple began dating in 2018, married in 2020 and have two sons. She filed for divorce around March 2023. Hakimi being investigated in Paris, France, for alleged rape was the final nail in the coffin even as his marriage to the Spanish actress had already been deteriorating for months prior.

While some have praised Hakimi for being smart in protecting his assets, others have criticized him for not being fair to his wife. Some argued that marriage is losing its value if a woman can spend years in marriage and leave without any additional value. Nevertheless, the news has sparked discussions about marriage and divorce, as well as the importance of financial independence and transparency in relationships.