Charity dinner highlights Sylhet Express impact


Muhammad Hamza

SYLHET EXPRESS, a collective of former cricketers and supporters hailing from the Bangladeshi region of Sylhet, held an evening of celebration to highlight charitable efforts taken to support those in need. 

The project has gone from strength to strength and is funded by members and well-wishers to deliver food parcels, winter packs, clothes, educational support, fresh water and sanitation programmes to communities facing hardship in rural Sylhet. 

At the celebration, held at the Osmani Centre in Whitechapel, there were speeches from dignitaries as well as a moving video presentation from master of ceremonies Gulam Rabbani Nahid. 

Abdus Salam, President of the Bangladesh Cricket Supporters Association, took to the podium to address the guests. “Sylhet Express represents the very best in sport,” he siad. “Apart from enjoying phenomenal success playing cricket, the team have taken things further by using their status to succeed in charitable activities. Well done, we are indebted to you all.”

Guests, dignitaries and speakers included Syed Islam, Roding Valley Vice Chair; former Scintilla CC skipper Ayaz Karim, Chair of NEO CC; Thahed Uzzaman; Alam Sheikh; MFA Zaman; Muhi Mikdaad; London Sportif, Sylhet superstars Radi Hasan and Fakhrul Hussain; their triumphant Sylhet District Captain Sayfur Rahman and Head Coach Emdad Rahman; as well as all  of the recent Bangladesh District Cup players. 

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