Docklands Community Initiative launches Bleed Kit campaign


Muhammad Talha

TO ADDRESS KNIFE CRIME on the Isle of Dogs and in the Borough of Tower Hamlets, volunteers at the Docklands Community Initiative (DCI) have formed a coalition to shed light on the horrendous impact this form of crime has on lives. 

The launch of the first bleed kit on the Isle of Dogs was discussed during a special meeting on the Samuda Estate. Partners who took part included David Stackable, John Tucker House; Aroz Miah, Sporting Foundation; Maureen Witham, Phoenix Court TRA; Adrian Williams, Millwall Rugby Club; the Rev Tracy Browne, Christ Church, Isle of Dogs; and One Housing.

With the increasing number of stabbings and violent crime happening in the UK at the moment, there are calls for bleed kits to be made available to police as well as to the general public. Information from the Office for National Statistics reveals that Knife-enabled crime recorded by the police saw a 10% increase to 49,027 offences in the year ending March 2022, from 44,642 in the year ending March 2021. 

Bleed-control kits – which include tourniquets, bandages and gels – help prevent people from bleeding to death while paramedics race to the scene. This early intervention is crucial, as victims with serious injuries can die within minutes. 

Also in attendance at the launch was Cllr Maium Miah Talukdar, Statutory Deputy Mayor & Cabinet Member for Education, Youth and lifelong learning. He said, "This is a tremendous initiative made all the more powerful by so many diverse groups uniting for a common cause. Support will be provided to help tackle this grave issue and I urge and encourage the community to get behind this vital campaign."

Jackie Reid has been at the forefront of the DCI campaign and has lobbied sponsors, the Local Authority and also the Police to support efforts to install bleed kits on the Isle of Dogs. Reid shared a presentation on how her personal experiences have been a driving force behind this community-led operation.

Sunu Miah, DCI Operational Manager, commented, “This was our very first open meeting to discuss and make improvements in the lives of our community and to build a working relationship with the council, housing organisations, youth groups and faith communities. I think today was hugely productive and we are all confident of helping bring about positive change to our neighbourhood."

Plans are now afoot for the group to meet regularly to discuss and share updates on progress. It is hoped that workshops will be organised to improve knowledge and practice in order to empower the community. The next step for the group is the launch and installation of the first Bleed Kit on the Isle of Dogs. 

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