UK tourist finds historical error at Palace of Versailles

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Emdad Rahman

RUHUL AMIN from Barking & Dagenham caused quite an international stir during a recent visit to France for a short family break.

The-eagle eyed Longbridge Ward resident was on a family visit to the Château de Versailles and spotted a glaring error while perusing the visitor information board.

The Welcome Board at Versailles reads, “A symbol of absolute monarchy and the zenith of the classical arts in France, Versailles was the seat of the court and government from the 6th of May 1982 (1682) to the 6th of October 1789.” Amin notified the authorities and tourism council of the error and hopes the information will be corrected and updated.

Amin was in his element, savouring and taking in the history of the opulent complex and former royal residence. He and the family were absorbing the splendour of the location when he spotted the error and wondered if he had misunderstood the national date formatting in France. A quick search and chat with location personnel proved him correct and the actual date to be out by centuries.

“We’re having a splendid time and then I spot this,” he said. “I found it amusing but I am a stickler for details and my family weren’t surprised to see me glued to the welcome board for longer than one usually would.” Amin added, with tongue in cheek, “I am hoping that my intervention will guarantee me lifetime free entry.”

We do hope the French Ministry of Culture takes note and get in touch with this bright spark!

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