Darul Ihsaan take part in community spring clean


Emdad Rahman

VOLUNTEERS AT THE Longbridge Ward Mosque in Barking & Dagenham started a monthly litter pick on Good Friday as part of a neighbourhood wide plan to help encourage positive acts of kindness.

Positive research from Keep Britain Tidy reveals that more than 8.5 million adults – 16% of the adult population – in the UK participate in litter-picking at least once every six months. Now Darul Ihsaan Barking are looking for volunteers to take part in the future organised litter picks. 

Six volunteers launched the project and collected six full bags of rubbish during a short walk on Longbridge Road. The team were joined by Shaikh Yusri Deeb, the Egyptian Imam who is leading Ramadan Taraweeh prayers at Darul Ihsaan, and Shaikh Md Imran from Darul Ummah Goresbrook. 

Anas Khan from Darul Ihsaan co-ordinated the event. He said, “Well done to our volunteers on completing our very first community litter pick. It is the month of Ramadan, and everyone was fasting – so this is extra special. We are looking to engage with our community to help promote civic responsibility, and this is one activity that will take place regularly.”

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